Youth Radio Rocks

Youth Radio Rocks is coming

Building on the success of Bath City Sound, 3 years after its launch and growth, a new era of Youth Radio beckons. After experiencing the incredible insight and positivity that Youth participants bring to the airwaves and internet, Bath’s own youth skewed station has created a new monster that has been in the making for 8 months. Over the next few weeks Youth Radio Rocks will take its place and take youth radio further than its been before.


Youth Radio Rocks represents diversity, equality, positivity and all the other things that Bath City Sound stands for. This station however will serve as the true voice of youth and on a much broader scale. With participants as far and wide as Edinburgh, Isle of Wight, Luton, Cheltenham, Bristol, Southampton,  Stratford upon Avon and of course Bath. Its set to raise the bar and push it higher for youth radio as a whole. Bath City Sound is in automation now with music only and when Youth Radio Rocks launches, you’ll be the first to know.


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