Bath’s Community Radio Station

Yep that’s us! Bath City Sound is a not for profit  Radio Station serving the communities of Bath and beyond. It gives young people and like minded individuals, the opportunity to actively take part in radio broadcasting and the creation of their own shows and features. Radio for Bath, produced in Bath, presented in Bath. To hammer the point, its community radio for Bath!

The latest Bath City Sound News

  • 1st Bootcamp with Vibe fitness Bath

1st Bootcamp with Vibe fitness Bath

Our first Boot camp session with Vibe Fitness Bath. It was hard but fun. Its a long term venture so make sure you check out the shows and blog.

Broadcasting to Bath 24/7

Boasting a monster presenter line up showcasing some of the best community radio broadcasters there are, this is Bath City Sound. We pride ourselves in presenter led shows from eight in the morning until ten at night and you are sure to find something that appeals to you. This is youth powered community radio broadcasting in a digital age. We relish being the radio voice of Bath’s youth, its community and of course charities. If you’ve got something to say on your local community radio station, then get in contact and give us what you’ve got!

Supporting Youth

Bath’s very own community radio station is supporting Bath’s youth and you can jump onboard. Just drop us a line via the contact page

Supporting Community

A community radio station is just that and Bath City Sound is right behind Bath’s community. See the Your News page to see how

Supporting Charity

Charitable causes get prime air and web time on Bath City Sound and Bath charities have an opportunity to make themselves heard in the community